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Moseley Arts Market

I had a fantastic day at Moseley arts market on Saturday. It was a beautiful day but by golly it was cold! Luckily I managed to survive with a combination of thermals and cups of hot coffee from the plentiful coffee houses.

The range of things for sale was great; fine art, wood worked gifts, jewellery, macrame, and batik. Absolutely everything has to be handmade by the stall holder so there's some unusual and interesting stuff to be had.

I had a great time, everybody was really friendly. I chatted to some lovely people and was really happy for some of my paintings to find new homes with them.

It's on the high street and is usually on the last Saturday of each month, the next one however is the Christmas one and is on the 16th of December. Check it out, it's definitely worth a visit.

I won't be at that one, my next market day is at Edgbaston Artisan Market on Greenfield Crescent on the 9th December from 10 till 3. I hope to see you there.

A big shoutout to the organisers, Boffy's Arts Markets who are really helpful. If you need more information you can find them at

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